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Danabol 10mg is a Steroid. It is Pink square-shaped pills with flat upper and lower surface and beveled edges containing a dividing line and a “BP” print on one side and number “10” inscription on the other for 10 mg Danabol, the lateral surface having rounded edges.



Buy Danabol DS Online also know as methandienone a steroid drug with a moderate androgenic effect (50% of testosterone) and the powerful anabolic effect (200% of testosterone). Get Steroids For Sale, This steroid is mainly used in big sports like bodybuilding, where it is perfectly proved a means of stimulating muscle growth and increase strength and endurance volumes. Buy Danabol Online as it was designed for use in medical practice. It would be used to accelerate regeneration processes and treatment of burn injuries. It was also shown that the drug improves the general condition of body tone and women who gave up more weight with this medication / therapeutic agent. However, Dianabol subsequently pumped into a big sport, where it is enjoyed and is still very popular. Buy Steroids Online

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Purchase Danabol, Danabol DS, many and most of them are used for an athlete. In the first round of the whole list of benefits secrete potent anabolic effect. According to “force,” the drug is several times higher than testosterone and is one of the most efficient today steroids (the main effect of the drug is based on the rapid increase in muscle mass due to secretion proteins, glycogenolysis). Therefore As a whole, the action falls Danabol DS not only muscles but also to other systems in your body:e, take a pill and aspirin for 6 weeks at a dose of approximately 30 mg, you can dial 8 to 10 kg of lean body mass. However, this effect is not definitive; it is possible reversal phenomenon and the subsequent loss of an average of 2 kg. This disadvantage can be eliminated if the type of drug will be by the recommendations. Purchase Danabol Online

  • The drug increases the volume of energy;
  • Taking the pills improve resistance sizes;
  • While steroid use, a decrease in body fat levels, even in small quantities;
  • The use of this steroid ensures the strengthening of the bone structure of the body and the bones themselves.

And all this in conjunction with a significant impact, Buy Steroids Online as Danabol DS as it accelerates growth and muscle development and increase muscle strength. But not everything is so simple and perfect. They have this drug and disadvantages. In particular, it is known that methandrostenolone is a flavoring agent (maybe converted to estrogen).

Side Effects

common side effects Danabol DS (10 mg) of the tab – this acne and alopecia or hair loss. Additionally, Gynecomastia may occur during use, the accumulation of excess fluid in the body and testicular atrophy, but only in the case of too frequent use or the use of huge doses of steroids.

Important: for women use Danabol DS – not the best solution because the drug leads to the phenomena of masculinization. Girls should choose other means, more reliable and time-tested. Buy Danabol Online

It is also important information about the storage of the steroid. In principle, this is not a big problem: hide pills sunlight, carry out storage, avoid exposing them to sudden temperature changes. Also, make sure that the steroid is kept away from children.

Danabol 10 Contraindications/Precautionary Measures

Not recommended in case of hypersensitivity to the medication, prostate cancer, breast cancer in men, breast carcinoma in women with hypercalcemia, severe atherosclerosis, hepatic and renal function, acute and chronic prostatitis, pregnancy and lactation. At the first signs of virilization (deepening of the voice, hirsutism, acne, clitoromegalie) administration should be stopped to avoid irreversible changes. A systematic control of lipidemia and cholesterol levels is recommended. Purchase Danabol


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